When Leaders Project Onto Their Students

“What do I do if I find myself projecting onto others when I’m in a leadership position?”

If the person really trusts us, and we subconsciously see them as a reflection of someone who we have wounding with, then we could unknowingly be trying to get our needs met with that person in a way that isn’t actually serving them. 

So here’s a really simple tip for you: 

If I notice I have disproportionate feelings around a certain person, I get really clear: 

“What part of ME do I have them being?”


“WHO from my past do I have them being?”

We call this tool ‘Percept‘.

I recommend doing this inner exploration with a mentor or with a group of those you trust. This will help you discover your blindspots and offer up new perspectives that you weren’t conscious of before. 

If you’d like to learn more about Percept, join us for our Shadow Work Series coming up in just a few weeks (see links below):

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The 4 Week Series
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  • Due to the intimate nature of this work, some experience with Circling, Relational Inquiry, Parts Work or similar practices is required.

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