What are Identity Triggers?

Identity is the story we tell ourselves about who we are. 

This includes what kind of person we are, what qualities we hold, what we are capable of, what kind of future is in store for us, and how we feel amongst other things.  When that story comes under threat through the words and actions of others we tend to lose our center and become ‘unseated’.  It can be quite similar to going to sit in a chair only to discover that it is no longer there; for a moment we are lost and disoriented.  As the ground finds our tailbone and a reality of pain sets in, the system attempts to figure out how to react.

Everyone’s Identity Triggers are a little different so something that might trigger me may not affect you at all. 

A few things to consider when thinking of Identity Triggers..

  1. Who we think we are and how we want to be seen are two different things that both impact our personal identity.
  2. Our personal identity often shifts depending upon the culture we find ourselves a part of. 
  3. Our identity triggers are significantly impacted by the extent to which we have done our own inner shadow work. 

To illustrate this concept a bit more, I’d like to share with you a little diagram I created that I think can be quite helpful in understanding this concept. I call it The Identity Map.

In order to have more capacity to be with our own identity triggers, it’s important for us to do shadow work – especially if we are leaders. When we have done our shadow work, then when someone inevitable activates an Identity Trigger, then we will be able to meet it with more skill, grace and confidence.

Our next Shadow Work Series is starting soon. To stay in the loop of when registration opens, join our email list here: https://theconnectioninstitute.activehosted.com/f/7

We will create an experience for you to explore the parts of your identity you deny, shove down or disown. In this relational practice, you’ll be seen and supported throughout the process with a small cohort of fellow students to support you in integrating a deeper acceptance of all parts of you.

Are you interested in learning more?

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*Please note- Due to the sensitive nature of this class, this series is by application or membership to our RLA program.

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