how to support someone who is overwhelmed

How to Support Someone Who is Overwhelmed 

There is a tool that has proven to be even more effective than “is there something you need right now” that I call The Menu of Options.  By the way, if you haven’t yet read “The problem with what do you need right now?” then check out that article HERE What is The Menu of …

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The Problem With “What Do You Need?”

One of the biggest mistakes that therapists, coaches, leaders, and friends make is asking someone: “What do you need right now?”   You may be thinking “Wait! What? I was taught that I should regularly ask that question to people in my life, especially if they are struggling, upset, angry, or in need in some way!”   …

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What is Shadow?

What is Shadow? Shadows are the parts of us that we reject because on some level we have learned that they are dark, bad, evil, filthy, disgusting, wrong and are “just not me.” When we don’t “own” our shadows, we will inevitably project them onto those around us.  This ends up looking like blaming and …

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