The Relational
Leadership Academy

Online Circling, Parts Work, & Facilitator Trainings

What is the Relational Leadership Academy?


The Relational Leadership Academy combines the power of learning with the beauty of connection.

When you join, you’ll gain access to:

  • An Extensive library of online content about conscious communication, circling skills, and facilitation techniques. 
  • Live Daily classes to learn and practice these skills
  • Deeper connection and relationships with others in our online community

This program may be for you if...

  1. You’re a life-long learner
  2. You want to connect more with like-minded community and practice skills to create deeper intimacy in your life.
  3. You want to become more confident and impactful as a facilitator by learning more facilitation tools, and practicing them with fellow facilitators.

About our Online Classes and Online Circling Platform:

We have 3 levels of learning available:

The Connection Institute staff are some of the most passionate and obsessive facilitators and educators I've ever met. If you're interested in learning from the best, look no further.

Alexandra Wilson

Through my work with TCI I've expanded my capacity to receive attention and support and discovered how to relate without trying to fix or change others.

Dalphne Lorian
Relationship Coach

Through this work I’ve learned to connect with others in some pretty unimaginable ways, and have moved through some deeply internalized limiting beliefs. I now have more feelings of self love, playfulness and confident extroversion.

Alfredo morales

Here are our daily online classes. This calendar is in Central Time Zone- Austin, TX

Ann Photo

I have tried other platforms in my 2 year obsession with circling but The Connection Institute has been consistently my home and where I’ve learned the most. It’s more of a teaching platform, affordable and full of amazing content.

Ann Kerbel

As a psychotherapist, the platform has supported me in showing up with more skill, authenticity and presence with clients. I truly believe that having this depth of community with others is essential to our success as leaders and facilitators.

Savannah Hanson
Psychotherapist (MFT)
Charlene Avatar Photo for Testimonials

The Connection Institute got me through the worst part of the pandemic! With such diversity in the class focuses, I find the facilitators to be experts & cutting edge in the field of relational well-being. I know I will always be met with openness, curiosity and authenticity by lovely human beings.

Charlene Diana Vincent

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