Wake up to the power of connection

We educate leaders and facilitators in the power of connection to heal, transform, and make a difference.

There’s never been a time when the ability to lead people and facilitate groups has been more relevant in human history.


People are longing for guidance that helps them find belonging, personal growth and connection in their lives.

We want you to be that guide.

Whether you are a professional facilitator, entrepreneur, healing arts practitioner, or are new to the world of leadership and facilitation: our courses, trainings and coaching can help you bring more empowered leadership, effective communication and connection-focused group facilitation into your life and work.

Uplevel Your Leadership

The Relational Leadership Academy is our comprehensive leadership and facilitation training and online community. Enjoy hours of educational videos, daily facilitated classes and events, community with other leaders and more.

Leadership Coaching

Step more fully into your power as a leader with one on one support from one of our talented coaches.


Grow your ability to stay grounded when your body senses danger, and return others to groundedness with grace, creativity, and a rooted sense of leadership.

What Our Students Are Saying


It's difficult to convey the immense value of what I've gained, not only in terms of my own emotional growth, but in building the confidence to take on more leadership and challenge. And the intensely supportive friendships are the best kind of bonus—going far beyond what I could have imagined.

Nat Smith

TCI has been a real growth experience for me. I've shared some surprisingly intense moments of tears, tenderness and pain and have learned a ton about the healing arts.

Michael young

The Relational Inquiry Approach has helped me make some huge communication changes in my personal and professional relationships. I've started using these tools in my everyday interactions with my clients and my friends.


3 Types of Boundaries People Don’t Talk About

Boundaries are NOT Walls In this week’s blog we talk about 3 kinds of boundaries that aren’t often talked about: – Responsive Boundaries – Proactive Boundaries – Energetic Boundaries Oftentimes when we talk about boundaries, we talk about stopping things …

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The 3 Types of Power and why They Matter

Introduction I believe that knowing our power as leaders is CRUCIAL to using our power responsibly. When we choose to be a leader, our words and action carry more weight then when we are not in leadership positions. Imagine this… …

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7 Traits of Great Leaders

Are leaders born or made? Most modern research suggests that great leaders are not simply born that way, rather it’s a far more complex. The good news is that there are skills that you can learn and traits you can …

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What is Transformational Leadership and Why it Matters

Intro What is transformational leadership? Is it just another buzzword like “Authentic?” Not quite.  Transformational leadership is a leadership style where leaders inspire others by “leading by example.” Their toolkit is filled with encouragement, inspiration, support, and motivation. What makes …

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