What is Shadow?

What is Shadow?

Shadows are the parts of us that we reject because on some level we have learned that they are dark, bad, evil, filthy, disgusting, wrong and are “just not me.”

When we don’t “own” our shadows, we will inevitably project them onto those around us. 

This ends up looking like blaming and shaming in our personal relationships, and can cause us to not be able to “see” the other person more clearly. 

So how do we own our shadows?

There’s quite a few ways to befriend our shadows, and one of my all-time favorite ways of doing shadow work is through relational inquiry.


One of the biggest block for people to dive into this work is Shame

There’s a magic that happens when we reveal our “shameful bad parts” with others only to realize that these attributes are actually quite human. We are able to realize we are not alone in them (ah, yes I have that part too… I can relate), and oftentimes shame and self-judgment will naturally begin to dissipate. 

Does this work intrigue you?

We are offer a 4 week Shadow Work Series.

We dive into a relational & experiential practice where we do the work to love and accept more of our true identity and others – exactly as they are. 

Contact us for more information.

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