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Our mission is to create a more compassionate and empowered world through training courageous leaders in the arts of effective communication and group facilitation.
At The Connection Institute, we train the leaders of tomorrow to create a more connected and relational world.
When an individual decides to become a group facilitator they are embarking on a path of growth that is unique, and can only be understood by others who have walked that same path. We train leaders who are passionate about helping others and we are committed to serving these brave souls on this journey.
The search for meaning and depth is something that drives all humans, and the more we live into our potential and self-actualize, the more that quest becomes the guide for our whole lives.
Leading groups through navigating emotional topics has never been more relevant in human history.
People are longing for guidance that helps them find belonging and connection in their lives.

Let us guide the way.

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may 26 - june 2, 2021

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