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May 12 - June 23, 2023

Circling Grief

Grief is a universal human experience and one that is culturally placed in the shadows. It can show up through the loss of profound attachments - the end of relationships, a shift in identity, the collective loss of our planet, an actual death.. the list goes on. The wisdom of grief often says that to honor it we must grieve in community. To be held, seen, and deeply witnessed in the communal space.  We will honor grief by birthday circling in small groups. This will provide an intimate environment for a few to bring what is present in their grief, and allow others to hold space, bring curiosity, and share impact. Join me as we invite the aliveness of grief and practice welcoming all of it.

Abby is a plant lover, a cuddle enthusiast, and a connection connoisseur.

She first took Badass Boundaries with Fei Wyatt two years ago during an intense battle with burnout. Through this work, she has healed many life-long patterns, transformed her most important relationships, and learned how to deeply listen to herself. Through knowing and honoring her inner boundaries and learning to express her relational boundaries, she has been able to heal from burn-out and move into a creative, powerful, and inspired life.

Abby is overjoyed to bring this work to more people in the world. She lives in upstate New York and leads circling and authentic relating locally.


*This is a 90 minute class

Fridays @ 12 pm CT on the following dates:


~May 12

~May 26
~June 09
~June 23


Register here:

Drop in: $15

4 Class Pass: $40 

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

"Being With" Circle

Do you feel like your world is moving fast? 

Are you craving a place to slow down, re-connect with your body, and slowly, gradually deepen into more intimacy and connection with others? 

In our special edition of "Being With" Circle we will invite in deep embodied presence through practices that help us slow down to the speed of our nervous system. 

Together we will welcome the deeper layers that naturally emerge when we give ourselves space to notice and feel what's here. 

*This event is 2 hours long*

Mahaya is passionate about authentic connection, loving presence and listening to deep wisdom within. Her own experience of moving through 20 years of chronic illness led her to deep dive into the world of yoga, breathwork, plant medicine work, mindfulness, authentic relating practices, psychosomatic therapy and trauma work and to discovering her own gifts of an intuitive, a space holder and a healer. Currently, she is offering “Being With” circling sessions at the platform. These circles have a tangible flavor of presence and spaciousness to support others in cultivating a state of deeper attunement within themselves.


Wednesday, May 17th 

8:30 am MT / 9:30 am CT/ 10:30 am ET  

**This is a 2 hour event**

You are welcome to leave early if needed. 

$10 Registration

Register for this FREE Event HERE

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Emotions- Alter Ego Circle

It is VERY common for some emotions to not be "welcomed" in our every day lives, including emotions such as: 
- Grief
- Anger
- Jealousy
- Frustration
- Fear
just to name a few.

But what would happen if we not only gave space for them, but FULLY embodied them? What would happen if we played them FULL OUT in a theatrical fun setting?

What wisdom may emerge by playful acting out these feelings - knowing that these feelings are fleeting, and here only momentarily to share their lessons with us.

Join Lead Trainer Jen Burns for a special version of Alter Ego Circle- where this week we will practice embodying one emotion at a time in order  to more deeply understand and welcome it's place in our world.

Jen is a somatic coach, connection facilitator, lead trainer, and official Instigator at The Connection Institute.  

Jen specializes in incorporating nervous system practieces that cultivate deeply safe and embodied spaces where others feel safe to dive deep into their emotional worlds.

Her biggest passion now centers around using somatic coaching to support others in  knowing, owning ,and claiming what [really] matters most to them. 


Wed, May 10

10:30am-12pm (EDT/EST)

Register Here (at the bottom of the page)

Saturday, May 20 & Monday, May 22, 2023

Honoring our Resistance w/ James

Resistance has a bad rap.

It’s often described as something that we need to “move through,” “get over” or “overcome” in order to get “what we want.”

But we are missing the whole point.

Resistance is actually gold.
Our resistance often offers deep wisdom -
Advice to slow down, to reconsider something we may have missed.

We oftentimes MISS the wisdom in our rush to “get to the other side of it.”

In order to hear the wisdom of our resistance we are invited to slow down, pause, and bring our compassion, curiosity and acceptance.

AND… let’s be real..

Sometimes its easier said than done.

This is why being in community is so powerful.

When we allow ourselves to be seen by others, to be loved and accepted- exactly where we are - the resistance naturally starts to soften.

The strategies that have been judged as “wrong” in the past (hiding, avoiding, fighting, distracting, pretending etc) - get to receive PERMISSION to be here. Then we explore what wisdom and positive intention is underneath these strategies.

You’re invited to experience this for yourself. Come join our community at The Connection Institute and get a taste of what its like to truly honor your resistance -however it shows up- and create a new friendship with it.

**Note: Please plan to be ON TIME and stay for the entirety of the event. This is an intimate interactive experience so come prepared to be loved up on!


James is a multidisciplinarian, healer and lifelong learner. His current work revolves around integrative practices (coaching, psychedelic medicine, meditation, massage therapy, dance, and movement) that welcome the whole of human experience. He believes that the more we allow and accept what is, the more we get to come into alignment and work with the world, rather than against it.
His background includes being certified in Group Coaching by The Connection Institute and a Certified Circling Facilitator. He received his undergraduate studies in Environmental Science and Native American Studies, Permaculture Design Certification, Yoga Teacher Certification, Medical Research of Tai Chi for Parkinsons, Transportation Research and Consulting, Data Analytics, and Software Development.


Saturday, May 20
8 am MT / 9 am CT / 10 am ET / 


Monday, May 22 

5 pm MT / 6 pm CT / 7 pm ET  


Register for May 20 HERE

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