Does this sound familiar?

  • You catch yourself sometimes “over giving” or people pleasing
  • You “take on” other people’s energy
  • You’re trying to find the balance between being “too open” and/or “walled off”
  • You feel under appreciated, under paid or under resourced
  • You feel overwhelmed when you look at your schedule
  • You feel resentful of your boss/co-workers, family or friends who seem to continue to cross your boundaries

The good news is that healthy boundaries can become second nature with support and practice

Many of us didn’t learn how to set healthy boundaries when we were younger. Quite the contrary, many of us were taught to betray or ignore our own boundaries. The good news is now you can learn how to have healthy boundaries that honor you AND those around you. 


Learn a simple 5 step process to setting (and maintaining) healthy, empowering boundaries 


Practice in class setting your boundaries with compassion, dignity and authenticity


Receive encouragement, support and feedback from your fellow students and facilitator

Course Outline

In this Course You Will:

  • Learn powerful skills you can easily take into your every day life

  • Practice in a supportive and interactive environment

  • Receive personalized feedback from our trainers

  • Experience embodied learning through role play  

  • Share your successes and struggles with a tight-knit community

Time Commitment

You will meet weekly with your Badass Boundaries Cohort for 90 minutes via zoom. This will include a lecture, Q&A, and interactive exercises to strengthen and support you in setting clear, compassionate boundaries. 

In-between these sessions, you will have the opportunity to practice and learn additional materials with:

  • Powerful video content

  • Journaling prompts

  • Daily exercises

  • WhatsApp ongoing group support

  • Accountability buddies

Weekly Topics

Week 1- Create your personal Boundary Map

Week 2– Deepen your embodied relationship to YES, NO & Desires

Week 3– Find your own Inner Alignment

Week 4– Inquire about Power, Domain and Responsibility in relationships

Week 5– Embody assertive asks

Week 6– Close- reflection, celebrations and future planning

Join us for a Special Training series

Badass Boundaries

Option 1

Facilitated by Abby Rogers

6 Weeks 


January 18- February 22

3 pm PT // 4 pm MT // 5 pm CT // 6 pm ET – US timezones

*Sessions are 90 minutes

Option 2

Facilitated by Laura Tatar

6 Weeks 


February 2 – March 9

9 am PT // 10 am MT // 11:00 am CT // 12 pm ET -US timezones

*Sessions are 90 minutes

For only

$ 397
  • Regular Rate $497

What previous students are saying


This was truly life changing for me


Previous Student

“After taking this course, I literally made more money because of applying these principles with a client. We worked through what would otherwise certainly would’ve been a draining conversation. Instead, I applied what I learned, checked in with what I was available for, and communicated clearly. It led to a real breakthrough in our relationship!”


Previous Student

“This is by far the most comprehensive course about boundaries I’ve ever seen.

I love that its easy to understand and apply to everyday life.
And what a HUGE help it was to practice with a partner in class!

Now I feel so much more confident and clear about my boundaries and people are noticing! I feel respected, seen and loved at a new level. This info is gold. I HIGHLY recommend!””


Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Please feel free to contact us, or check out the FAQ here to find out more information about the class, the instructor, payment and much more!

Each week you will access a LIVE online 90 minute class session that includes a lecture, Q&A and interactive exercises that will help you strengthen and practice setting your boundaries. In between weekends you’ll receive powerful video content and homework that will help you bring these concepts into actual practice in your life.

If you still have questions about this course please email us at:


Meet the Founder & Your Facilitators

About Your U.S. Trainer


Abby is a plant lover, a cuddle enthusiast, and a connection connoisseur.

She first took Badass Boundaries with Fei Wyatt two years ago during an intense battle with burnout. Through this work, she has healed many life-long patterns, transformed her most important relationships, and learned how to deeply listen to herself. Through knowing and honoring her inner boundaries and learning to express her relational boundaries, she has been able to heal from burn-out and move into a creative, powerful, and inspired life.

Abby is overjoyed to bring this work to more people in the world. She lives in upstate New York and leads circling and authentic relating locally.

About Your European Trainer

Laura Tatar

Laura is an artist and healer with an educational background in trauma, life coaching, and theatre. She is passionate about creating opportunities for conscious connection, deep inner work and integration, and healing through community.

For Laura, identifying and establishing boundaries in herself and her relationships has created space for her to feel more trusting and confident in herselvf and more intimately connected with others.

Laura has always found herself feeling more fulfilled when communicating in open and truthful ways. When she discovered the world of Authentic Relating, she was relieved to find people who crave and practice radical honesty.

Laura’s other loves include acting, singing and playing music, board games, hiking and camping, dancing, and her 2 cats Willow and Pip.

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