You're not alone in struggling to set boundaries

The good news is that healthy boundaries can become second nature with some awareness, support, and practice.

Many of us didn’t learn how to set healthy boundaries when we were younger. Quite the contrary, many of us were taught to betray or ignore our own boundaries.So it’s no surprise that so many people struggle with these kinds of boundaries.


Discover where you need boundaries most in your life through a personalized assessment


Master your own internal boundaries FIRST so you can show up with more clarity and confidence in asking for what you want

An Easy Solution

Learn this simple formula to easily start boundary setting conversations


Practice in class setting your boundaries with compassion, dignity and authenticity


Learn how to let go of resentment from people pleasing


Receive encouragement, support and feedback from your fellow students and facilitator

Join us for a Special Training series

Badass Boundaries

Only $297

Easy to Access

You’ll receive live calls with your group and head trainer every week.

If you need to miss a class you’ll have lifelong access to the recordings.

June 11-July 01

Come join us

We invite you to join us for this 6 week series starting on June 11th.

6 Week Series

Every Tuesday

Meet with your group once per week, develop and grow together.

What previous students are saying


Real testimonials from people who have taken the course !


Previous Student

“After taking this course, I literally made more money because of applying these principles with a client. We worked through what would otherwise certainly would’ve been a draining conversation. Instead, I applied what I learned, checked in with what I was available for, and communicated clearly. It led to a real breakthrough in our relationship!”


Previous Student

“This is by far the most comprehensive course about boundaries I’ve ever seen.

I love that its easy to understand and apply to everyday life.
And what a HUGE help it was to practice with a partner in class!

Now I feel so much more confident and clear about my boundaries and people are noticing! I feel respected, seen and loved at a new level. This info is gold. I HIGHLY recommend!””


Previous Student

“This is some text – The course was great, I can’t say enough how amazing everyone was and I learned. Highly recommended, two thumbs up ”


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Each week you will access a LIVE online 90 minute class session that includes a lecture, Q&A and interactive exercises that will help you strengthen and practice setting your boundaries. In between weekends you’ll receive powerful video content and homework that will help you bring these concepts into actual practice in your life.

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About Your Trainer

Jen Burns

Jen is a Head Trainer, Coach, and Facilitator at the Relational Leadership Academy. Jen trains coaches, teachers and therapists on how to create safe spaces where people feel excited to open up in deeper vulnerability.

She is known for her ability to easily shift the energy of a group from energizing and engaging to deeply vulnerable and intimate. She teaches an array of topics including cultivating  trust, boundaries, and embodied leadership.

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