Self Study Programs

The Foundations of Circling

In this online program you will learn:

    • Core Concepts of Emotional Intelligence
    • How to navigate From Walls, Boundaries &, Defensiveness
    • Asking Quality Questions
    • Revealing Your Experience
    • Bringing Dissonance
    • Skill of Validation
    • Authentic Appreciation
    • The 3 Narratives of Conversation

Discover a transformative learning experience that allows you to deepen your connections and enhance your leadership skills at your own pace. Our self-study Foundations of Circling online program offers an accessible and flexible approach to learning the core concepts and practical skills of circling. Whether you’re new to circling or already have a solid foundation, this program empowers you to cultivate self-expression, intimacy, and safety in your interactions.

Join us as we guide you through the fundamentals of circling, providing you with practical tools to foster meaningful connections.

The Foundations of Circling Facilitation

This online program will cover:

    • How to create a strong, clear container for your participants
    • Navigating Authenticity and Transparency in leadership
    • How to ask quality questions
    • Helping participants own their experience
    • Tangible ways to practice building your leadership skills
    • Pausing & Redirecting
    • Ethics, Power & Projections

Who is this for?

This is for those who who want to strengthen their facilitation and leadership skills, and have a solid foundation of the circling foundations.  

*NOTE: If you have ever been a member of the Relational Leadership Academy please email us at [email protected] for a special note and discount code for these programs. 

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