Listening for What Wants to Happen

Coaching requires a deep and powerful version of surrender. As the coach we don’t make anything happen. We listen deeply for what wants to happen. So much of coaching is just getting out of the way and letting the clients process unfold, meeting them where they are every step of the way.

You can think of it as listening to and fully taking in the client, while also practicing surrender, a deep relaxation. That relaxation opens your mind, gives you open access to all your tools. From there it’s all about allowing your intuition to take the wheel.

If you are wanting deep confidence I suggest you look elsewhere, leading this work is like jumping off a cliff over and over again. And with that it offers a beautiful opportunity. The opportunity to get comfortable being uncomfortable. It doesn’t give you the opportunity to connect to your intuition, it requires you to lean on it as your most powerful ally. The coach never arrives knowing what someone will work on, or what will happen. It requires you to meet the client where they are, listen, and surrender to the big unknown.

Coaching is a dance with life. Often a dance with life’s most intimate aspects; deeply held desires, loss and confusion, pain, dreams, relationships and love. It’s an opportunity to practice seeing the wisdom within all beings, including yourself. To perceive the wholeness in every person and every moment.

How much do you trust the universe?

Here’s a little practice. Sit with a friend or pull out a journal and finish the following sentence stem over and over again for 7 minutes.

“Life loves me and my evidence is…”

Try it again with this one:

“I trust the universe because…”


“My inner wisdom is guiding me and how I know that is…”

Try practicing this every day for a week. Notice what happens

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