Does this sound like your experience?

  • Not asking for what you want because it’s “too much”
  • Finding yourself avoiding, or not taking action around what you what
  • Feeling fear, doubt, anger, or grief around your desire(s)
  • Settling for what you think you can have
  • You have multiple desires that conflict or compete with each other
  • You feel frustrated, wanting things in your life to be different, but not sure how to 
  • You have a big desire, but feel afraid of what it would mean to really receive it 

How would your life be different if you were able to receive what [REALLY] matters to you?

Imagine this. . .

I was blown away by how supportive the group was in helping me peel away the shame, guilt, and grief that was holding me back from really receiving what I wanted. I feel so touched and so incredibly grateful, Thank you.

Why is important to do this in a Group?

I absolutely loved this, so powerful!

Awesome format…loved the mix of journaling, practice tools, and group exercises …. and such rich content! Wow, time flew! So rich and so good. Thank you!

LIVE 6 Week Series

In this online interactive program you will receive:

  • Personalized Small Group Somatic Coaching  – 6 (90 min) sessions over the course of 12 weeks 

  • Learn practical tools to know, own, and receive your most important desires  

  • Loving, Intimate Community Support
  • BONUS: Optional practice labs to practice & integrate these tools 
  • BONUS: One-on-one  (90 min) Somatic DESIRE Coaching session with Jen (Value $175)


I really enjoyed this course. I love how focused on the body it is. It supported me so much in connecting to all the layers of desire. Such a powerful and potent experience! I also so love the way Jen holds space. I trust how she is present to what's unfolding, with strength and love, welcoming every experience and empowering me to be my full self in all that's here.

Topic 1 - Befriending Your Resistance

Sometimes we don’t allow ourselves to fully want what we want because we are afraid it would threaten our relationships, our sense of self, or our sense of love and  belonging. Together we will practice an incredibly simple way to bring in more unconditional acceptance for ourselves, our feelings, our resistances and yes, our desires. By offering this to each other we will also create a powerful container for the shadow aspects of us to be seen and loved.

In this month we will practice together: 

  • Honoring & be-friending our resistance
  • Integrate the P.L.A.I mode to release intensity, judgement and fear
  • Practice cultivating both inner and outer belonging 

Topic 2 - Emotions as your Ally

Did you know that many emotions carry important information around what we most desire? 

Many of us have not been given permission to feel and express these feelings, much less understand their deeper wisdom. 

Together we will review the 4 emotions that often accompany desire and how each one has a unique piece of wisdom for us. For each emotion you will receive a tool to support you in allowing it to move through you, and understanding its gift for you. 

In this month you’ll learn tools to support you specifically with: 

  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Avoidance 

Topic 3 - The Art of Receiving

In this month we will work towards creating more legitimacy and congruency when it comes to receiving our desires including..

  • Mapping the deeper values and needs underneath your desire s
  • Simple exercise to release attachment to how your desire needs to show up
  • Somatic practices to create more safety in your body to receive more

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I found this series to be powerful and potent… Such a gift to be seen, witnessed and held in a group container around desire. It felt powerful to own my desire and explore its validity and also felt so helpful in the releasing of shame around it. It felt vulnerable, sweet and powerful exploring this in a well held group. I highly recommend it, and I look forward to doing more in future!

About the Facilitator - Jen Burns

Jen is a somatic coach, facilitator, Lead Trainer, and Instigator at The Connection Institute.  Jen specializes in sharing body-based practices to cultivate safe spaces for you to dive deep into your emotional world, and transform stuck emotions into  insight, action, and love.

She is known for her ability to attune to the deeper unspoken layers of other’s experiences and giving unconditional permission for parts of you that have told that they are somehow unacceptable or unlovable. 

For the last 8 years, Jen has worked with a variety of groups to create powerful transformative experiences through embodiment practices, circling, facilitator trainings,  and group coaching. Today what brings her most alive is helping others connect in with their deeper desire, values, and needs. She believes that knowing our deepest YES is the key for creating the relationships and life we really want.