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“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.” Chuck Swindoll

As a leader or coach, you will encounter difficult scenarios that will try to knock you off your center: others may challenge your authority or skill. In these moments it’s easy to lose a sense of skillfulness. You get tunnel vision. The floor falls out, and you don’t know how to respond without getting defensive or upset.

Welcome to UnTriggered: Resilience Training for Leaders

UnTriggered is a dojo for emotional self-defense. In these experiential dynamic events, we will practice with the tools you need to remain comfortable in conflict, and enhance your ability to handle anything that comes at you. You will gain the skills to de-escalate challenging scenarios, and expand your sense of security in leadership, knowing that you have the skills to tackle “the tough stuff.

To remain centered in these situations, there is a set of learnable skills that requires practice.

Through this work you will gain the foundation to move forward towards security in your leadership, knowing that you have the skills to tackle “the tough stuff.” If you keep practicing these skills, you will even learn how to enjoy tough moments like these.

Welcome to the Dojo


I’m hard-pressed to think of a more important skillset for navigating the modern world than learning to manage and regulate your own triggers, and to help others do the same. Peter’s UnTriggered class explores this challenging subject in an interactive play-space that's both fun and safe. Highly recommended!


In UnTriggered, I feel like a new journey was started for me in introducing some tangible skills to meet relationships in a way that provides authentic care for the individuals and room for the conflict without abandoning myself or my own leadership. I found the work engaging, edgy, fun, and supportive in my growth.

laura leigh

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may 26 - june 2, 2021

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