The Connection Institute's
Coaching Certification Program

March 15- September 15, 2023

Are you interested serving others as a coach?

Do you want to build a career that feels deeply meaningful and pays well?

Gain the confidence, skills and knowledge to have a sustainable coaching business.

Who is this program for?

Aspiring Coaches

You want a program that will teach you the tools of the trade and help you cultivate the confidence to get started


You want to help clients build upon the personal or professional development experiences they have in your workshops. You believe that 1:1 work is the next step for you.

Communication + Partswork Geeks (like us!)

You love to hone your skills and deepen your understanding and experience

The Connection Institute has been such a source of community, learning and professional growth for me. As a psychotherapist for several decades, this work has supported me in showing up with more skill, authenticity and presence with clients.

What are our guiding philosophies?

Experiential over didactic: You will quickly put new skills to use thorough potent exercises, practice coaching sessions, and structured coaching scenarios.

Practice makes progress: It’s one thing to hear about a good idea, it’s another to embody it and make it your own. 

People have parts: And all are welcome. Living an amazing life means coming from your Essence while making space to love and care for all your parts.

Somatics are integral to coaching: Transformation can be seen through embodiment, from the way you hold yourself to how you physically react to challenges. 

Coaching is dance: Every coaching session — like every interaction in the world — is dynamic. You will learn to attune to your clients in order to facilitate an exquisite experience.

What's Included?


Monthly training videos

Virtual sessions

Bi-monthly group coaching calls over 6 months

In-person retreats

4 weekend retreats in Austin, TX

Mentor Coaching

An ICF-certified coach will listen to two of your coaching calls in month 4 and 5 of the program. You will receive detailed feedback.

Overview of the Program

Month 1: Coaching Foundations

  • Goal setting
  • Principles of
  • facilitative coaching
  • Designing practices
  • Accountability
  • Creating trust and safety for your client
  • Quality of Presence
  • Coaches’ relationship to self
  • Establishing a powerful coaching request

Month 2: Coaching Foundations

  • Client contracts and agreements
  • Foundations of parts work
  • Deep dive into parts work
  • Practice coaching sessions

Month 3: Coaching Foundations

  • Active listening
  • Powerful questions
  • Deepening your coaching presence
  • Introduction to somatic coaching principles
  • Practice coaching sessions

Month 4: Immediacy and Experiments

  • The Art of Pause
  • Evoking client awareness
  • Coaching as an experience, not a conversation
  • Submit a coaching call for review
  • Creating in-the-moment experiences for the client
  • Role plays
  • Empty Chair Technique

Month 5: Personal Responsibility

  • Integrity for coach and client
  • Using your intuition in coaching
  • Submit a coaching call for review

Month 6: Integration

  • Wrapping up with clients
  • Celebration
  • Acknowledgement
  • Complete your certification requirements

The Results our Students have Experienced Includes...

Increased confidence in working privately with clients

In-depth understanding of core coaching competencies

Knowledge and practice of somatic, ontological, and facilitative coaching concepts

A set of tools fo helping clients set goals, follow through, and transform their mindset

An expanded capacity for behavioral flexibility and ability to meet people where they are

Improved communication skills

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To provide the most value to our students and ensure the highest quality experience, we are limiting this training to only 24 participants.

This training is only offered once a year

Before applying please check the training schedule below. Live Immersion Dates:

April 14-16

Retreat 1

May 12- 14

Retreat 2

June 9-11

Retreat 3

July 14-15

Retreat 4


Early Bird Rate

$5,250- Early Bird Special Rate
(Expires December 1st)

Typical coaching programs cost between $9,000 and $25,000. We are offering this program at a discount, since we will use the materials and call recordings for ICF certification. Once the course is ICF certified — and as long as you complete all six months — you will be able to retake it at a 50 percent discount (this makes sure we can cover space rental for a larger group).

In addition, as a thank you, we will be offering Meg’s 12-month business mastermind program at a discount for our beta testers. If you would like focused support on building your business after the program ends, this will be a great option for you.

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Yes. If you complete all requirements of this program, you will receive a coaching certification from The Connection Institute. If you would then like to get certified by the ICF, there are two routes:

1- ICF portfolio route: This will require submitting your work to the ICF and meeting their requirements. This training will give you the opportunity to fulfill X number of hours required for certification.

2- Retake this course next year: We will be submitting materials to the ICF to certify our program. Anyone who completes this six month program will be able to retake the course next year at a discount. This will allow you to become certified through the ICF’s ACTP path, which is faster and simpler. You can read more about ICF accreditation here.

You do not need to pursue certification if you enter the course. If you choose to pursue this route, you will need to:

  • Attend the entirety of all four the Austin retreats
  • Submit your coaching review log: You’ll detail what happened in two coaching sessions per month, including what went well and your areas for improvement
  • Complete two peer evaluations before the start of month 4
  • Submit two calls for review in month 4 and 5 and receive a passing performance review on at least one of your recorded calls
  • Complete 16 Practice coaching sessions with practice clients or peers

In the first year, you will receive a coaching certificate through The Connection Institute. For our beta group, we will allow you to retake the program at a 50% discount after we receive our ICF credentialing. Should you want to get ICF certified, this will support you.

We highly recommend you bring on coaching clients at a rate of at least $300/month at the end of month 1 of the program. Working with paying customers is the best opportunity to apply what you learn.

Leadership Team

Peter Benjamin

Peter Will Benjamin is one of the joyful co-founders of The Connection Institute. As lead staff trainer and Creative Director he delights in training staff, writing, building curriculum, and teaching. Peter also works as a Professional Coach and teaches continuing ed for Coaches and Therapists. Peter’s mission is to support people in feeling worthy of love and goodness, in order to access their personal power. He’s also a Cold Plunger, self optimization junkie, community builder, and dancer.

Megan Taylor Morrison (Meg)

Megan Taylor Morrison (Meg) is a science journalist turned Professional Certified Coach (PCC), best-selling author, and international retreat host. In her free time, you can find Meg soaking in icy rivers or competing internationally in lindy hop (the original form of swing dancing).

Meg trained in ontological, facilitative, and somatic coaching with institutions including Accomplishment Coaching, the Co-Active Training Institute, the Strozzi Institute, and Authentic Revolution. In addition, she completed an 18-month private mentorship with a leading executive coach in Silicon Valley. Through this hands-on experience, she honed her skills in facilitation, meditation, and leadership development training. Meg loves coaching her clients, as well as training people in coaching and business skills.

Meg brings a unique combination of thoughtful structure and play to her work. She supports teams, leaders and entrepreneurs in reaching their goals while having as much fun as possible. Meg works one-on-one with a small number of private clients, runs annual business mastermind groups, and heads her virtual coworking community. You can read more about her at

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