Melody Indigo

I am blown away by Melody’s proficiency and knowledge

One of the biggest lies we’ve been sold in our culture is that we are separate, and it’s making us sick. We’ve been taught to believe that needing others is weakness and that stoicism is strength. We didn’t learn how to feel our feelings safely, let alone share them in vulnerable ways, or have somebody sharing their feelings with us feel held. Oftentimes we didn’t even learn how to fully hold ourselves. And so, it’s making us sick— stress, depression, anxiety, and autoimmune disorders are everywhere. But connection is a skill that we get to learn now. We get to heal, from the root up. We get to cultivate strength in vulnerability, cultivate deeply rooted joy in our lives, and ensure that the next generation will be healthier than the last.

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" Melody’s depth of connection is exactly what I needed to find a version of myself which was there, but buried deep inside. Unleashed, I’ve been able to lean into uncomfortable fears and grow to become a man worthy of my new relationship. "

" We’ve all heard the quote, 'go find the person who’s good at the thing, and have them teach you how to do it'. Melody is that person. She is hyper-competent. She always has specifics to draw on to help with whatever difficult situation I might be dealing with, no matter whether it’s personal or professional. Because of working with Melody, I am now in a thriving intimate partnership, and feel more empowered than ever at work. I used to avoid conflict, and shy away from authenticity when potential conflict arose. Now, I have the ability to go into a potentially difficult conversation and help it reach resolution efficiently and effectively. Melody is incredibly easy to talk with, and has helped me transform huge missing pieces of my life that I didn’t even know were missing before working with her. "

" Melody's skills are undeniable. The quality with which she stays present is both rare and beautiful. The way she’s able to track my words and motivations, speak to them, and be impacted by them seems so easy and integrated that she strikes me as a relational ninja. "

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