Jen Burns

Together we work in an embodied way that honors your nervous system’s capacity to evolve, integrate, and receive more deeply. After working together, people walk away having cultivated a deep intimate connection with their wants, needs, and desires, feeling empowered to live the life their heart [really] wants. 

Are you ready to say yes to you, and your heart’s deepest desires? 

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I LOVE the space you create Jen. For me this is a space where I can trust I can surrender into whats present, trusting you are there with me. In particular I really appreciate how safe I feel to go deep. I trust you to really track me and that if the emotion is too much, I know you will resource me out of it. This allows for me to surrender to whats here and enter the richness of the moment. Your own vulnerability opens me up and creates a connection which allows for vulnerable topics to be explored.

Jen is an exceptionally good coach. Her ability to track both content and present moment experience is top notch. She also has a unique ability to be highly direct while also being compassionate, and somehow transmits an energy that I absorb where I actually feel excited to change something in me. I'd recommend her to anyone.

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Jen lives & breathes the work of desire: she oozes passion for it and I found that very inspiring. I couldn't imagine a more supportive, experienced and dedicated guide to work with desire in an embodied way.

I so love the way Jen holds space. I trust how she is present to what's unfolding, with strength and love, welcoming every experience and empowering me to be my full self in all that's here.

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