Gabriel DeRita

I serve those yearning to make their vision real. My work moves meaning-seekers from anxiety about the what and how, to authenticity and fulfillment in the here and now.

In 2018, I quit my tech job, sold everything, and traveled the world solo for 18 months, half of it living entirely on my bicycle. In the process, I found my calling in coaching, and have been doing it full time ever since. The experience taught me a lesson that I use often with my coaching clients: You deserve to have a purpose that lights you up. Together we can find it.

Imagine living in deep self-awareness, with everything you need to take resonant action. That’s where we go. We co-create clarity and empower you to move toward your passion, with a spirit of discovery and play.

My superpower is curious intuition, my medium is metaphor. I thrive in finding the marrow of the moment. Together we build goals rooted in embodied awareness, and processes that get results. I go deeply into the present, in service of the future.

I bring a blend of pragmatism and imagination, marrying the conceptual and actionable. My business background makes me a great fit for anyone looking to set out on their own or start a new chapter of their career. The biz side is balanced by a deeply spiritual worldview, and I believe the core of coaching lies in being present, not prescriptive.

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