Whitney Allen

Whitney Allen is a Transformational and Relational Coach who discovered Authentic Relating and Circling in Boulder, CO.  She has recently traveled through her own Dark Night of the Soul, unleashing an aliveness and freedom she had never imagined possible and inspiring others to do the same.

She is currently writing a book about how Authentic Relating changed her deeply, transformed and saved her relationship, and simultaneously, dissolved her 20-year marriage in a caring, courageous way.

She lives in Golden, is bilingual in Spanish, passionate about traveling, reads voraciously as a self-proclaimed personal growth junkie, dedicates herself to a daily chi-gong practice and is the mother of two amazing, open, aware teenagers.

Whitney is most excited about leveraging AR skills with students.  She has facilitated leadership programs with international teams as well as marketing and event planning in Latin America for both for-profit and nonprofit entities.

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