Through a life-time of self-exploration, Lila Low-Beinart has cultivated deep presence, wisdom, and compassion. From this spring-board, she creates spaces where people can be their full selves, from profound joy to deep grief to resonant stillness… and everything in between. She has been exploring meditation and relational practices for over five years, and is currently training as a Buddhist and Contemplative Psychotherapist.

Lila has followed a beautifully winding life-path, from working as a chemist for 7 years, to living and practicing at Buddhist Retreat Centers. As someone who identifies as neuroqueer, she is passionate about social justice, and wants to play her part in creating a world where everyone can be their authentic, vulnerable selves. She lives by the motto: First, do no harm.

When not facilitating events, Lila can be found meditating, playing music, doing homework, connecting deeply with friends, or cuddling up with her cats Teddy and Buttercup.