Group Facilitation Mentorship

with Jen Burns

Is This You?

Part of what's powerful in your facilitation is you are clearly speaking from experience and practice and deep care. Thank you sooo much

What's Included

Part 1- Assessment

Goal Setting Session

This is where we get really clear on your goals, desires and what you want to offer the world and how you want to show up as a facilitator. We will create clear desired outcomes from our time together and set mini goals that will support you in reaching your outcome.

1 Initial Assessment Session

This will be a live group session you facilitate where I watch (you can offer it yourself or I can set it up for you). You would facilitate something that is related to what we clarified in your goal setting session. After this assessment I will give you the top 2-3 skills to refine over the next 3 months, including specific exercises that will help you "strengthen" these muscles.

Part 2- Practice Skills

Attend Classes

Depending on what comes up in the assessment session, you will be given suggestions to attend relevant classes on The Connection Institute - at no extra charge. This is optional, and I will only recommend classes if I believe they will give you the opportunity to practice and refine your top 2-3 feedback skills.

Refine Top 3 Skills

You'll receive other relevant opportunities to practice your 3 skills throughout the program.

Jen, I so appreciate how you show up in such an open and honest way. I experience you as safe to be with, seen by, share with and that you will own your experience without making me wrong. That feels so good to me. Thanks for such a fabulous experience!

Part 3- Get Feedback & Support

Private Feedback

You'll be invited to TCI's private facilitation feedback circle once a month. This is a small group of experienced trained facilitators who will re-enact scenarios that will support each other in refining your skills, and you'll receive practice and feedback from myself and others in these re-enactments(if you desire). These generally happen the 3rd week of every month (you'll have the chance to attend a total of 3 of these, if you can't make a date, then that date will "roll over" to the next month, for up to 6 months).

3 one-on-one sessions with Jen

You'll have 3 one-on-one sessions with me to use at any time during the 3 months to help support you move through any inner challenges, answer any questions etc.

Continued Support

You'll also have the option to ask me questions via email or Whatsapp with anything that comes up.

Part 4- Reassessment

Facilitate Group Sessions

When you feel ready, you'll be invited to facilitate group sessions either on your own, or through The Connection's platform. I will attend and give you a re-assessment of where you are in your top 3 skills I mentioned previously, with any additional recommendations.

I thought Jen was a fantastic facilitator, i felt that she held a really strong balance between allowing for organic spaciousness and aliveness within the group, and pausing, guiding and gently stirring the energy to really contain the experience.

Her own authenticity and sharings offered a strong embodiment of the values of the platform and i felt truly safe in the container. I felt held and seen from her presence and compassionate leadership. I found it to me a wonderful experience of facilitation

Choose your plan

The private facilitation mentorship program is $175/month, with a 3 month commitment. You’ll receive a 15% discount if you pay in full (save $79). If you love it, you can continue to renew it month by month at a discounted rate. 

If you’d like I’m happy to chat with you on the phone to discuss this more! Here is my calendar link

Paid in Full

$ 446
  • 15% discount
  • Continue on at a discounted rate

Per Month

$ 175 Month
  • Continue on at a discounted rate

I loved Jen’s pacing and ability to handle a larger group. Loved how real and welcoming it felt

About Jen Burns

Jen is the Head Trainer and CEO of The Connection Institute.

Jen has always been obsessed with culture. While studying for her Master’s in Sociology she discovered her passion for group communication and connection through embodied leadership. For the last 8 years, Jen has worked with a variety of groups to create powerful transformative experiences through embodiment practices, circling, facilitator trainings, and group coaching. Today what brings her most alive is helping others connect in with their deeper desire, values, and needs. She believes that knowing our deepest YES is the key for creating the relationships and life we really want.

Fantastic facilitation, great energy. Clear tools, thinks quickly on her feet. Loved incorporating the improv warm ups and facial expressions, embodiment. Also loved the nervous system regulation meditations

Jen is a master at her craft.

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