The Connection Institute

Coaches Event:
Attract Clients
with Inspiring & Interactive

Tuesday, July 20th
9am pt / 11am ct / 12pm et (US time zones)

Coaches, imagine this…

You are speaking in front of a room full of people.

They are on the edge of their seat. Their eyes wide open with excitement. They are laughing and nodding their heads. They eagerly engage with each other, sharing their excitement. By the end of the workshop, you have a string of new clients lined up to work with you.

Ready to receive more clients?


One of the secrets to having a successful coaching practice is knowing how to offer engaging public events that give people a taste of who you are, and a visceral experience of what is possible in your work together. 


Here at the Relational Leadership Academy, we specialize in training coaches, therapists, teachers and other leaders to create magic with groups. We have created this special coaches-only event to address your specific needs:

How to Offer Highly Engaging Workshops that Attract More Clients 

Join this free webinar to learn: 


  • How to capture your audience’s TRUST and full attention

  • The #1 key to cultivating safety and inspiring people to be more vulnerable and impactable 

  • How to use the magic of group work and 3 simple exercises that leave your audience wanting more

Register for the Live Event:

Who is this for?

Whether you are a seasoned coach or new to the field, these simple tools are simple, powerful, and effective. 
Please note:
Because this is an INTERACTIVE event, there will be NO RECORDING.  Be sure to mark your calendar to be there live, with video on!

Facilitators for the Event:

Peter Will Benjamin

Peter Will Benjamin, is the CEO and Co-founder of The Relational Leadership Academy and The Connection Institute. 

Peter is professional coach, trainer, and facilitator. He is also an intimacy junkie, community builder, and runs monthly trainings to teach leaders how to more successful engage their communities. Outside of work, Peter enjoys contact improv, partner dancing, and cooking delicious food.

Jen Burns

Jen is a Head Trainer and facilitator at the Relational Leadership Academy. Jen trains coaches, teachers and therapists on how to create safe spaces where people feel excited to open up more vulnerably and authentically. 

She is known for her ability to easily shift the energy of a group from energizing and engaging to deeply vulnerable and intimate. She teaches an array of topics including cultivating trust, the art of self-revealing and embodied community engagement. 

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may 26 - june 2, 2021

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