Does this sound familiar?

  • Feeling like what you want is “too much”
  • You have a belief that you can’t have everything you want
  • You hesitate asking for certain things because you don’t want to be a burden to others
  • You believe others aren’t able or willing to give you what you really want
  • You feel the intensity of your bigger desires and resist feeling the feelings that come along with them
What if you could show up with more clarity, confidence and congruence when it comes to your desire?

How would your life change if you more consistently asked for what you REALLY wanted?

Why does exploring your desires in a group Matter?

What People are Saying:

Wow, I learned a lot in a very short amount of time! Thank you!


I loved the class! So powerful! Awesome format…loved the mix of journaling and self reflection and dyad and group shares….content such rich exploration. And wow, time flew! So rich and so good. Thank you!


In this 4 week interactive series you'll receive

Private Desire Series Cohort

4 Weeks


May 4 – May 25

9am – 10:30am CT


**6 Spots Available**

About the Trainer- Jen Burns

Jen is the Head Trainer and CEO of The Connection Institute.

Jen has always been obsessed with culture. While studying for her Master’s in Sociology she discovered her passion for group communication and connection through embodied leadership. For the last 8 years, Jen has worked with a variety of groups to create powerful transformative experiences through embodiment practices, circling, facilitator trainings,  and group coaching. Today what brings her most alive is helping others connect in with their deeper desire, values, and needs. She believes that knowing our deepest YES is the key for creating the relationships and life we really want.