Badass Boundaries for Leaders  

Step into Leadership with Clear & Confident Boundaries

Have you ever struggled setting a boundary?

You’re not alone.

Many of us didn’t learn how to set healthy boundaries when we were younger. Quite the contrary, many of us were taught to betray or ignore our own boundaries.

So it’s no surprise that many leaders come to us struggling with boundaries.

Can you relate?

The good news is that healthy boundaries can become second nature with some awareness, support, and practice.

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Badass Boundaries for Leaders

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June 23 – July 28th

Every Wednesday
12:30 – 2:00pm CDT USA

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About the Facilitator

On a mission to bring people closer, Fei Wyatt is a relationship coach & cuddle therapist who revels in helping humans unlock more safety, empowerment, and abundance when it comes to love and connection.

Her work has been featured on NPR, Buzzfeed, Rolling Stone, and most recently, The Kardashians. You’ll find her facilitating connection wherever she goes, but particularly in Los Angeles where she is based.